LIT 4044: The Broadway Musical
Fall 2014 Course Syllabus

Weekly Schedule of Readings and Exercises

Class Details

Meeting: Tuesdays & Thursdays Room: Williams 318
Time: 14.00-15.15
Instructor: David L. Gants Office: Williams 316
Telephone: 6I7-379-O987 (Skype) E-mail: dgants(at)
Office Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays 09.30-10.30 or by arrangement

Course Overview

Course Description. Musical theater, specifically what might be called the Broadway musical, is a uniquely American contribution to the literary and performing arts. Through readings, audio and video recordings, and live performance, this course will examine the Broadway musical from its 19th-century beginnings through the current season. Although not required, familiarity with theatrical conventions, musical notation, voicings and instruments, and basic musical terminology is a plus.

Course Requirements.

Primary Texts. We will use one book and view one musical for this course:

In addition, we will use a number of on-line resources, the links for which you will find on the course schedule. Please complete the viewing/reading/auditing of each resource by the beginning of the class for which it is first listed on the schedule.

Course Policies.