ENG 5835:
Editorial Theory from Jerome to JSTOR

David L. Gants
Williams 316
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Wednesdays 10.00-12.00
Thursdays 10.00-11.00
Gary Taylor
Williams 421
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Description: Editorial theory is a version of critical theory that, in addition to asking the fundamental critical questions—what is a text? is there a difference between a text and a work? what is the relationship of the author to the text? how do you determine the value of a text/work/author?—applies or modifies those questions/answers in relation to the practical problems of preserving and transmitting past texts to contemporary readers, often in media or languages different than those in which the text/work was originally composed. Editorial theory therefore affects every text you have ever read, and if you become an important writer it will eventually affect every text you ever write. This course begins with St Jerome, whose edition of the Latin Bible was the basis for European culture for more than a 1000 years, and concludes with the new theoretical and practical issues raised by digital technologies.

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Schedule and Readings:

Week 1 (26 Aug.): Course Introduction/Paleography

Week 2 (2 Sept.): Jerome and Translation

Week 3 (9 Sept.): Copy-Text I

Week 4 (16 Sept.): Copy-Text II

Week 5 (23 Sept.): Copy-Text III

Week 6 (30 Sept.): Authorship and Attribution

Week 7 (7 Oct.): Emendation and Stemmatics

Week 8 (14 Oct.): Collating Multiple Texts

Week 9 (21 Oct.): Commentary

Week 10 (28 Oct.): Apparatus and Types of Editions

Week 11 (4 Nov.): Digital Editing I

Week 12 (11 Nov.): Introductions

Week 13 (18 Nov.): Digital Editing II

Week 14 (2 Dec.): Presentation of Student Editions

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