ENG 4834: History of Western Publishing
Fall 2014 Course Syllabus

Weekly Schedule of Readings and Exercises

Class Details

Meeting: Tuesdays & Thursdays Room: Williams 319
Time: 11.00-12.15
Instructor: David L. Gants Office: Williams 316
Telephone: 6I7-379-O987 (Skype) E-mail: dgants(at)fsu.edu
Office Hours: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays 09.30-10.30 or by arrangement

Course Overview

Course Description. This course is an elective for EWM majors and seeks to provide a thorough understanding of textual production from papyrus scrolls in Classical Antiquity through the most recent developments in electronic publishing. Along the way we will explore the different means of production (scriptorium, hand press, machine press, networked computers), the shifting role of the author (authority, producer, owner), the evolving concept of intellectual property (physical ownership, copy ownership, copyright), and the complex strategies publishers developed to distribute and market texts. Our goal will be to understand the contemporary publishing world as the latest act in the 2000-year-old drama of western publishing.

Course Requirements.

Primary Texts. We will use one book and view one musical for this course:

In addition, we will use a number of on-line resources, the links for which you will find on the course schedule. Please complete your reading of each resource by the beginning of the class for which it is first listed on the schedule.

Course Policies.